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The Mission of Via Lingua Florence

Teaching is not only what takes place in a classroom but also what surrounds it. The Via Lingua TEFL course leads you to discover a brand new geography. It’s not just something to put on your resume’ but a real-life experience because the places you inhabit during after after your TEFL training will become part of you and help you find yourself and your place in the world.

Choose the location that touches your heart. Create a pathway with us as you discover unknown destinations or even famous places that you will see as never before. Never forget that we live and learn through culture and passion, mind and heart. Let Via Lingua be your pathway.

The mission of The Via Lingua Florence is to develop global professionals who are thoughtful, creative and effective practitioners of teaching English as a Foreign Language. Our graduates are prepared with essential knowledge, competencies and dispositions in the field. Student-centered learning reflects historical and contemporary knowledge, theory, cross-cultural awareness, and ongoing practice that meet the academic, professional, personal, and social needs of learners.

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Via Lingua professional training programs are designed to reflect best practices in education. Curricular coherence is strengthened through rigorous study and dialogue on purpose, course content, and intended candidate learning outcomes. Via Lingua educates students for global citizenship and responsible leadership as teachers of English as a Foreign Language, empowering graduates to pursue meaningful lives and productive careers by sharing language and culture.

The mission of the Via Lingua International Group emphasizes the importance of effective teaching and learning and views the educational experience as extending beyond the classroom.  In collaboration with the educational community students develop an appreciation for the challenge to provide all learners with equitable and excellent learning outcomes. Through rigorous humanistic curricular activities students gain the necessary expertise to meet this challenge and participate in a collaborative environment which supports individual excellence in content, skill development, classroom management, and service within the educational community.

Our teacher education programs strive to develop visionary educators who will take the lead in transforming education to better serve all students. We endeavor to prepare competent and caring educators who exemplify the qualities of commitment, service, vision and leadership, and who, in turn, will cultivate these qualities in the students they teach.

Through its support for global ethical and professional standards for intensive TEFL Training programs, Via Lingua Florence  promotes the educational success of its global trainees. Through its local, national and international advocacy efforts with both governmental and non-governmental sectors, Via Lingua Florence believes in and practices the value of advanced training in the field of TESOL-TEFL and seeks to expand the opportunities for new and practicing teachers to further their professional development. Through its highly trained staff and dynamic trainees Via Lingua International works to increase the visibility of professional teaching worldwide and to facilitate networking opportunities for members.

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