Via Lingua Florence Trainers

Our TEFL Certificate Trainers

Via Lingua Florence  is committed to employing staff members of the hightest caliber. All our trainers hold appropriate qualifications and have a wealth of experience as both TEFL teachers and trainers.  In addition, Via Lingua provides all staff members with a wide range of in-house and external professional development opportunities.  Our trainers and mentors are required to maintain a professional portfolio, which guides and charts their achievements and development.

Via Lingua  Florence TEFL  trainers are professionals in the field who are experienced inteaching English and dedicated to training English teachers. All of our teacher trainers have either an M.A. or certification in TEFL and extensive theoretical and practical teaching experience in a variety of contexts. These contexts include universities, secondary schools, middle and elementary schools, and private language schools and community associations. Each trainer is an active member of TESOL USA.  Most importantly, all Via Lingua Florence TEFL trainers are fully dedicated and committed to what they do and consistently strive to meet and exceed the diverse educational and cultural needs and expectations of their TEFL trainees. In addition, all trainers serve as liaisons with the full-time teaching staff at the Via Lingua Florence center to provide numerous opportunities for class observation, team-teaching and an authentic, day-to-day experience in a dynamic international language school.


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