The TEFL job market is undoubtedly becoming increasingly competitive. Not too long ago, any native English speaker looking for a life of travel could pursue a successful career as an "English Teacher" without experience or qualifications. However, these days all reputable language schools and employers throughout the world require teachers with a professionally recognised initial TEFL qualification.

A wide range of TEFL courses have been developed to provide this initial teacher training in many countries of the world which makes it very difficult for aspiring teachers to decide which course to choose. The prerequisite for this decision-making should be the certainty that the course chosen is of a standard recognized by those bodies within the industry which designate what constitutes professional status.

The Via Lingua Group is fully committed to ensuring that both the content and delivery of its CTEFL program meet the highest possible international academic and industry standards. It is important for us to be able to demonstrate the quality of the Via Lingua program to the end-users of our CTEFL qualification - trainee teachers, future employers, colleges and universities. We seek to do this through reference to internationally accepted standards so that our stakeholders can be confident in the final certificate and what it represents. Our accreditation process includes both internal and external verification, standardization and validation elements.

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The Via Lingua Group is proud to announce that its CTEFL program is officially endorsed as a Level 5 certificate by Learning Resource Network (LRN). Having thoroughly audited our program, LRN confirms that the Via Lingua CTEFL course fully meets their stringent requirements. In accordance with LRN’s specifications, the Via Lingua CTEFL course:


  • Provides candidates with the awareness, knowledge and skills required by teachers / trainers who wish to progress their career in English Language Teaching;


  • Leads to an approved teaching qualification that allows graduates to teach English as a foreign or second language in a range of educational contexts;


  • Is delivered in centers that have appropriate resources, facilities, capacity and capability (including suitably qualified training staff);


  • Prepares its graduates for future career and study options (including access to diploma and MATESOL programs);


  • Conforms to international standards by providing:



Ø  a minimum of 120 hours on-site tuition with highly qualified and experienced trainers;


Ø  an observed and assessed teaching practicum program, involving the teaching of authentic students of English as a Foreign / Second language at a variety of competence levels;


Ø  a theoretical and practical grounding in the following areas of study: second language acquisition; teaching, learning and assessment strategies; classroom organization and management; language awareness; the selection, analysis and development of teaching resources; cultural awareness.


LRN ( is an awarding body creating qualifications for educational institutions, independent learning providers and employers. These qualifications are internationally recognized as providing proof of the skills and abilities required by educational institutes, professional bodies and governments. The British Assessment Bureau (BAB) has awarded LRN the international ISO 27001: 2013 certificate for the provision and online verification of certificates and awards.


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The College of Teaching is the new independent chartered professional body for the teaching profession.
The College of Teaching will develop as an independent, member-driven and voluntary professional body run by teachers for the benefit of learners in order to best meet the needs of the profession. It aims to give teachers equality of status with other professions by advancing high standards, recognising excellence and promoting evidence-based practice and policy.


Certified ISO 9001:2015

Via Lingua Florence/Istituto Americano's ISO certification was established through KIWA, an accredited registrar and auditor that performs assessments of management systems against requirements of national and international standards for quality. Kiwa is accredited and notified for a broad scope of activities.

MA TESOL Pathways with Via Lingua International TEFL University Articulation Agreements                                             

                                                    The Via Lingua Group is proud to have  articulation agreements with graduate-level programs at several universities; our commitment to Via Lingua CTEFL candidates is that their final certificate will not only recognize their development and achievement as language teachers, matched against standardized statements of attainment, but will also be recognized as a high level graduate qualification by tertiary education institutes and employers.

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