Assessment & Certification

The course is assessed as follows

In order to be awarded the Via Lingua Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, all trainees must commit themselves to meeting the following requirements:

  • Attend all required workshop sessions
  • Complete all assignments required by the trainers
  • Successfully complete a teaching practice program
  • Demonstrate a prescribed level of competence in relation to each of the five components (pedagogy theory, language awareness, teaching skills, cultural awareness and life skills) as measured against the Via Lingua Framework for Personal and Professional Standards (FPPS)

At Via Lingua, we seek to gain an accurate picture of each trainee's skill levels, achievement levels and progress. In order to realize this objective, we have developed a range of assessment strategies and tools, all of which involve a combination of self assessment, teacher assessment and peer assessment.

There are six formal assessment activities in which all trainees are required to participate (accompanied by an indication of weighting in relation to certification):

  • Observed and assessed teaching practice with groups of EFL students
  • The Individual Student Teaching Project
  • The final test
  • The personal and professional portfolio
  • The Group Project
  • Weekly submissions
  • AttendanceĀ 

The personal and professional portfolio acts as a progress log and is a very significant element in the assessment process.

All trainees who spend time in a Via Lingua Study center are required to establish and maintain a personal and professional portfolio. The portfolio acknowledges and celebrates previously developed skills, talents and achievements, as well any additional ones developed during the stay at the center.

Through reference to the set of standardized statements, contained in the Via Lingua Framework for Personal and Professional Standards (FPPS), the portfolio enables the individual to record achievements, as well as to identify "growth points". It is the basis for each student to negotiate an appropriate study program when s/he arrives at the study center. In addition to its primary use as a record of achievement, certain sections of the portfolio may be used for assessment purposes when determining whether certification will be recommended.

A student is responsible for demonstrating his / her competence in relation to the statements contained in the FPPS, through the medium of the portfolio.

The course is assessed as follows:

  • Teaching Practice: practical
  • End of course test: written
  • Personal portfolio: written
  • Weekly submissions: written

The teaching practice grade is the most important and the overall grade cannot exceed the TP grade. The written grade exists to give recognition to the trainees who are strong on academic work.

On successful completion of the course, you will receive the internationally recognized Via Lingua TEFL certificate. You will also be given a transcript from your trainers providing a breakdown of your performance on each component of the course and stating your overall grade.

We are always happy to provide a reference and further information whenever requested in support of a job application.

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