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Why do  TEFL  at the American Language Center of Florence?

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The American Language Center of Florence (Istituto Americano) is passionate about global education and we believe that traveling, studying and working abroad can provide the experience of a lifetime for young people, as well as those undergoing a career transition. With more than 58 years of experience in the English language teaching field, we have trained teachers from around the world to know how to educate and motivate participants in an active and involved teaching environment.

You would be putting yourself in full view for a recommendation and teaching job with us at the end of the course. The American Language Center is one of the leading language schools in Italy and by doing the TEFL with us you get a feel for the school, the city, and the country, before committing yourself to an academic job. We often recruit the best candidates from our TEFL courses  to join our own teaching staff. If you decide that you would prefer to work in another part of Italy we can assist you with various educational groups and networks of schools in Italy.

Your 6 hours of observed lessons would be with real working teachers and their classes. We prefer not to just use videos of lessons for you to watch. Doing it this way allows you to get an idea of the kind of thought process that goes on during the planning phase, you get a front-row seat on real classes and you can speak to the teacher about the lesson afterwards, which will help you to understand things that went on during the lesson in greater detail. This insight is invaluable in helping you apply the same principles when you have to do your own teaching practice.

You would be under the guidance of our expert trainers. They have huge amounts of experience , tons of energy and plenty of insights that will really help you get through the course. We keep the trainee groups small so that you get more personal attention from the tutors. They are very personable and supportive-and truly work for your success!

You would be doing the TEFL in an incredibly beautiful city. Florence is world-famous but still  small enough to be friendly and safe. Even though you will be busy with the TEFL, you will manage to get some time to yourself to enjoy the amazing sights or explore surrounding Tuscany.


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