Pre-Course tasks

Pre-Course Tasks: Start with the basics

In order to help you prepare for the course, you may wish to undertake one or both of the pre-course tasks.

These tasks are not compulsory and do not count towards your grade on the course. However, the issues addressed in the tasks will form the basis of some of the early training sessions and, consequently, you may find it helpful to complete them.

TASK A - Article

Think of one situation where you learned or acquired a new skill.
(e.g. driving a car, learning to cook, learning to read).

What were the factors which influenced the successful acquisition of this skill?
(e.g. necessity, motivation, obligation, peer pressure, curiosity, trial and error, early success, observation of others, participation, repetition, reading, following instructions, self teaching, being formally instructed, encouragement etc.)

Write a 500 word article describing your experience.

TASK B - Grammar Activities

Use one of the grammar reference books (or your own background knowledge) to complete the following activities.

The Practice of English Language Teaching, Harmer, J. (Longman)
Grammar for English Language Teachers: With Exercises and a Key, Parrott, M. (CUP)
Practical English Usage, Swan, M. (OUP)
English Grammar in Use, Murphy, R. (CUP)

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