Trainee Comments

"I took the Via Lingua Florence TEFL course a year ago and wanted to let you know I found a full time teaching job using my certification. After the class was over last November, I stayed in Florence until January, soaking up as much art and beauty as I could.  In May I accepted a job teaching English at the American School Macedonia for this school year. The principal was looking for someone with TEFL certification. Luckily, I was a good fit.  Everyone has been very warm and welcoming. I took this job for the chance to fulfill my long time dream to teach overseas and for the incredible travel opportunities. I definitely plan to come back to Italy; it's now a part of my soul. My dream is to eventually end up there for the long term. I hope everyone at Via Lingua Florence is well. Please send my thanks to my amazing core instructors! They helped me keep my teacher talk time to a minimum, focus on the essence of each skill, and actively engage my students in conversation to draw them into my lessons. The content and strategies I learned make me a better teacher. The TEFL course and living in Florence for three months was truly one of the highlights of my life. I still keep in touch with several of my classmates and cherish my experience."  Gail


"I wasn't expecting such a personal, individualized setting and program or so much input from the trainers! I wasn't expecting to learn so much!"  Rebecca

"I was surprised to see so much hands-on experience and practice we got---it's so valuable! The feedback after each lesson really helped." Paul

"I worked hard but feel a huge return on my investment of time, money and effort!"   Willliam

"I loved the "unknown language" component because it helped me to understand how a student feels in the communicative method classroom"  Emily

"The course was extremely interesting and helpful; it was demanding, but in a very positive and stimulating way."   Elizabeth

"I am ready to start as a teacher! Today!"   Michael

"I have the tools to teach - and the confidence, too!"   Ashley

"Taking the Via Lingua course has given me so many chances to experiment with language! Now I am confident when I face new students."

"I learned how fun it is to teach!"   James

"The course helped me in sharing my life with other people coming from different countries. It helped me to be stronger."  Daniel

"I feel ready to continue teaching and I will use everything I learned in my own practice. All materials are informative and well-structured and they will be very useful in the future!"   Elizabeth

"There was so much more teaching practice than I expected! I feel fantastic about my experience and personal growth. Anything we needed was provided and everybody was supportive; the vibes were comfortable and the environment so friendly!"  Maria

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