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Excerpts from a Trainee Portfolio

During each Via Lingua TEFL Certificate Course trainees are asked to keep—and keep up-to-date—a Personal and Professional Portfolio; this tracks their learning progress and identifies areas  for future effort. Here are some recent comments:


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Via Lingua Trainees in the ESL Classroom!


During the October Via Lingua TEFL Course in Florence  trainees had the opportunity to make presentations to several ESL classes at the American Language Center as part of the English program 2016-17. This exciting experience allowed…

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Culture Capstone Projects August 2016

 As part of the August CTEFL course in Florence, trainees completed a rigorous, creative assignment involving lesser-known cultural highlights in the city. Working in teams and with a mindset of a Renaissance explorer, they not only…

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Student Comments from Florence-Summer 2016!

August, 2016

"I enoyed every moment and every day spent at Via Lingua Florence. The teachers, the teachings, the people I have met here,…

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