Student Comments from Florence-Summer 2016!

Student Comments from Florence-Summer 2016!

August, 2016

"I enoyed every moment and every day spent at Via Lingua Florence. The teachers, the teachings, the people I have met here, I will always cherish.

"Learning the Communicative Method altered my way of teaching for life. This is something I should have done years ago. It is one of the best decisions I have every made in life.!

"I learned that it's never too late to learn...the day we celebrate becoming TEFL certified, this was one of the best gifts I've ever had!"

"The methods that are given here are tools for life."

"Whatever excuse you may find not to go, it's time to overcome and just do it!"

"I went from zero experience in teaching to feeling capable of leading a classroom. The course incorporates teaching students from the Florence community."

"I am so excited to have my own classroom of students in the coming months."

"I have grown as a person, gained confidence, gone from being an accountant two months ago completely unfulfilled in my work, to helping people learn a language..."

"It was a well-rounded experience...we got to see a variety of teaching methodologies...we had sessions on Job Guidance, writing a CV, and how to write a cover letter.

"They prepared me for the real world, honestly."



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