Via Lingua at the 2016 NAFSA Conference and Expo

Via Lingua at the 2016 NAFSA Conference and Expo

 Via Lingua at the 2016 NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo New

"Building Capacity for Global Learning"
International Education
Denver, Colorado
29 May - 3 June 2016

The field of international education will come together to connect and learn at the NAFSA 2016 Annual Conference & Expo in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Explore this year’s theme, Building Capacity for Global Learning, through a comprehensive educational program and the opportunity to reflect on our shared commitment to building capacity that supports success and encourages innovation.

NAFSA conference attendees are in the business of building capacities—professional capacity, institutional capacity, and human capacity. We use these capacities to broaden access to education and enrich opportunities to learn so that students, scholars, educators, and citizens can live and work creatively, productively, and generously in an interdependent, globally connected world.

Our theme challenges us to think of the learning component in advising services, program administration, curriculum, research, cocurricular opportunities, educational partnerships, and leadership. Through conference sessions, peer engagement, networking, and sharing, participants will explore the mutually beneficial learning that connects higher education institutions, international students and scholars, and communities—local and distant, dynamic and diverse. How do we imagine these resources as keys to global learning? What kinds of personal, professional, and institutional development are required to maximize such learning? What opportunities for study/research/work/service abroad can be integrated more fully into the educational mission of our colleges and universities? How might international educators reimagine the boundaries between locations of learning? What partnerships can help create powerful opportunities for students to learn about where and how they fit into a complex world?


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