Pre-Course tasks

In order to help you prepare for the course, you may wish to undertake one or both of the pre-course tasks.

These tasks are not compulsory and do not count towards your grade on the course. However, the issues addressed in the tasks will form the basis of some of the early training sessions and, consequently, you may find it helpful to complete them.

If you like, you can email your answers to us at florence@vialingua.org

The Practice of English Language Teaching
Jeremy Harmer
Paperback - 4th Ed (31 May 2007) Longman; ISBN: 1405853115
This third edition has been completely rewritten and updated to combine the best of traditional approaches with the latest developments in language teaching theory and methodology. Offering a comprehensive and up-to-date account of theories of language and language teaching, the guide includes a wide range of practical teaching ideas, example lessons and samples from current teaching materials. It also focuses on the sociological and psychological perspectives of language and language learning.
Grammar for English Language Teachers: With Exercises and a Key
Martin Parrott
Paperback - 528 pages (March 28, 2000) Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 0521477972
Systematically organised and written in an accessible style, this book provides an excellent survey of the main grammar topics that teachers need to be familiar with, and so is a very useful option for background reading before the TEFL course.
The first part is a systematic overview of each of the major word classes, with a concise discussion of their key features. The second part is a useful discussion of verbs, focusing on the functions of each tense. The third part looks at longer stretches of language, and is concerned with the function that different words or groups of words can perform in sentences. There are also chapters on complex sentences, pronunciation, spelling and punctuation.
English Grammar in Use
Raymond Murphy
Paperback - 390 pages (April 15, 2004) Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 0521537622
Described as a self-study reference and practice book for intermediate students of English, this book is organised in 136 two-page units, each with one page of explanation and one page of exercises. The book is available with or without a key to the exercises.
As the exercises are designed for intermediate students, they will only be of interest to teachers as material for classes rather than a test of their own knowledge.
Units are organised thematically rather than alphabetically; the book begins with several uses on tenses, followed by modal verbs, conditionals, etc.
A good option for anyone coming to the course who wants a systematic and fairly simple approach to help you brush up your own grammar.
Practical English Usage
Michael Swan
Paperback - 688 pages (April 21, 2005) Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0194420981
While Parrott is designed for teachers and Murphy for intermediate students of English, this volume is aimed at both teachers and advanced learners. The work is organised alphabetically with 634 articles ranging from "abbreviated styles" to "yes and no". This means it's a handy reference book, but not designed to be read from cover to cover.
As this work is about usage, it has a wider scope than the books that deal just with grammar, and contains information on vocabulary, idiom and style as well as grammar, punctuation and spelling.


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