Accommodation in Florence

On request, Via Lingua will book housing accommodations. Accommodation options can be within walking distance of the school or well connected by public transportation -- your accommodations will never be more than a 20-minute bus ride from the school. If you book accommodation through us, we will inform you of the accommodation address and the name of your landlord a week before the beginning of your course. You may check into your housing on the Sunday before the beginning of your course. Check out is the Saturday after the completion of the course.

Any special requests or requirements regarding accommodation can be specified on the course application form. Via Lingua will do its best to meet these requirements.

You may choose from the following housing options:

Shared Apartment
You may book a single or twin* room in selected private apartments. These apartments are shared with students from Via Lingua, Italian Students or, sometimes, with the owner. You are allowed to use the kitchen and bathroom. All apartments are completely furnished. You will be provided with a change of towels and bed linens once a week.
COST: A single room in a shared apartment STARTS at €640 for one month’s rent.

Independent Apartment
This option is suitable for those who would like the privacy and independence of their own furnished apartment. Via Lingua provides a list of agencies which offer furnished studios or small apartments for one person or two people travelling together. Bedrooms and bathrooms come complete with linens and towels and kitchens have all accessories.
COST: Prices START at €1200 per person for one month’s rent.

Twin Rooms
A twin room is when two people share a room, which has one or two beds. Please not that this type of accommodation can only be booked for two people coming together for the same period. The price is per person.                                                                                    COST: The price of shared room starts at €460 per person.

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